Spiritual Care

isobel-quietwatersIn its broadest and most inclusive sense, spiritual care recognises and responds to the needs of the human spirit when faced with trauma, ill health, loss, or sadness.

Spiritual needs can include a search for meaning, for self worth, to express oneself, for faith support, perhaps for prayer, or sacrament, or simply for a sensitive listener.

  • Is It Religious?

    religiousSpiritual care is not necessarily religious. It aims to enable individuals to make the best use of all their personal and spiritual resources in facing and coping with the doubts, anxieties and questions which often arise in times of crisis and suffering.

    Religious care, on the other hand, is given in the context of shared religious beliefs, values, liturgies and lifestyle of a faith community. While not all spiritual care is religious, religious care at its best is always spiritual.

  • Who Is It For?

    whoforThe service is provided within the Health Care setting for the patients and their carers within the Forth Valley Health Board area.

    The Spiritual Care team works closely with the hospital chaplains and are trained to serve appropriately the needs of those of different faiths, of different denominations, and of no particular faith.

  • What Can I Expect From The Service?

    whattoexpectQuiet Waters offers you the opportunity to share your experience and concerns in a safe, confidential and compassionate relationship. We will listen sensitively to your particular needs and journey with you in whatever direction the need takes us, with genuine warmth and humility, and respect for your own beliefs and values. We will help you draw on your personal and spiritual resources to cope with the difficulties or losses you face and support you as you do.

  • How Do I Access The Service?

    phoneThe service may be accessed through the Health Care Chaplains who are available 24/7 and can be contacted on 07824 460 882 or by asking a member of staff when visiting the hospital.

    Alternatively you may call Quiet Waters on 01324 670 600 between 9am and 1pm Monday through Friday.