Help Us

For many years Quiet Waters has been quietly serving the people of Central Scotland making a real difference to peoples' lives. We have seen many lives transformed, many broken relationships healed and for some at the edge of the community we have been a lifeline in their time of need.

To continue our mission, we depend on a team of enthusiastic, committed and well trained volunteers whose Christian faith moves them to care for others with genuine warmth and humility, and a healthy respect for other people's beliefs and values.

We also depend on the support of the wider Christian community for encouragement, practical help, funding and in making the service known and accessible to local communities.

There are many ways you can help. We are currently expanding our team to meet a growing demand and to grasp new opportunities arising from the renewed emphasis on local interventions for community cohesion - visit our Volunteering Page for more details. We are also looking to expand our support base - visit our Supporting Page to see how you can help.