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recruiting for Chairman of Board of trustees


Summary of Role

The Chair will ensure the Board understand and are accountable for the Charity's mission and vision. They will ensure trustees fulfil their duties to ensure the effective governance of the organisation. They will provide leadership to the Board and ensure it works as a unit and supports the employees and volunteers. The Board Chair will also act as an ambassador and be the public face of the charity assisted as appropriate by other trustees and employees.

Main Responsibilities

  1. The Chair will convene and chair meetings of trustees regularly (currently five times a year). They will also Chair the Charity's Annual General Meeting
  2. The Chair will meet regularly with staff and provide appropriate support for them.
  3. Along with the Practice Manager, the Chair will participate in the interviewing of new volunteers for the charity.
  4. In keeping with their ambassadorial role, the Chair will represent the charity (assisted by other trustees) in meetings with supporters e.g., local churches and schools.
  5. Ensure appropriate governance arrangements are in place and are working effectively for the organisation (this is shared with other trustees, but the Chair has overall responsibility)
  6. Ensuring compliance with OSCR requirements
  7. Ensure stewardship of charity’s financial position
  8. Be responsible for the implementation of GDPR within the organisation
  9. Ensure the trustees' knowledge base of issues relevant to the charity is kept up to date.
  10. Ensure the Board is regularly refreshed by encouraging the regular recruitment of new members.
  11. Work within the agreed policies and standards of the charity.
  12. Act as spokesperson for the charity when appropriate.
  13. Address any conflicts which may arise within the charity in a fair and timeous manner.

Person Specification

  1. Quiet Waters is a Christian organisation, and the Chair must be supportive of and comfortable with our Statement of Faith.
  2. The Chair should demonstrate a strong commitment to the main aims and purposes of the charity.
  3. The Chair should have good interpersonal skills and relationship and team building abilities.
  4. The Chair should be comfortable with the ambassadorial aspect of the role.
  5. Experience in the healthcare, social care or the counselling sector is helpful but is not necessary for the person taking on this role.
  6. Previous experience of charity governance would be an advantage but is not an essential requirement for the post.
  7. Experience of chairing meetings and delivering presentations are desirable.

Time Commitment and Terms

  1. The Chair will on average have to be prepared to give 3-4 hours per week to the post, plus Board meetings and ambassadorial commitments.
  2. The Chair is appointed for a period of three years, extendable for a further three years with board approval. The Constitution allows for a further three-year period of office in extenuating circumstances.

If you are interested in this role,
please send your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.